Monday, 13 February 2017

A prayer and a blessing

Another 10kms down the road from the sculpture park is the Buddhist temple, Nan Hua Temple. I just love the colours and the size of it, quite magnificent. There are three shrines and I went to every one to say a prayer and ask for blessings. I purposely didn't go for Chinese New Year because I didn't want the crowds and all the people taking selfies. This was good and gentle and meaningful.

Anton Smit Sculpture Park

For three months now I have been planning to go out to the sculpture park. Every weekend there's some excuse, or it's raining, or ...

Eventually last Sunday we went through. A lovely drive out on the R25, farms and fields and little villages.
I missed the park and drove into an estate from which I could see the Bronkhorstspruit Dam, then back along the route to discover the road to the park was right there.

A lot of the sculptures are scattered around the garden, well laid out in parts and left natural in others. There is a gallery as well, and in the one area Anton's sculptures are displayed with some of Lionel's artwork. Father and son.

On the property is a venue for weddings and parties, I suppose, and the Imagine Cafe. Had scones and rooibos tea under a big tree in the courtyard. Lovely.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Pottery classes

Started pottery classes with Digby this year. Having a lot of fun. Hand work at the moment, and Digby is teaching me the wheel. I have made 2 lopsided bowls on the wheel and 5 lopsided bowls by hand and will do glazing next week. Everything is unknown and doesn't turn out as per my vision. That what makes it exciting.

Happy New Year, my china

I invited my family for a lunch on Sunday and themed it because it was the Chinese New Year weekend. I made passports for the girls and told them we were going to China, they said: But we can't speak Chinese. I had bought wine in a lovely bottle, but it was potent and we only wet our lips and were drunk. It was a great day, much fun and full bellies. Incense for wealth and laughter for health.
Happy new year!