Thursday, 17 November 2016

The sky is blue

Bowl of rain

We have had good rain after a great dry season, the garden has enjoyed it.

Vibrant African square

I would like to believe I am going to make all the Christmas presents and not gift any store bought items, so this is the start. A little square quilted cushion. I would love to keep it but will give it away or I won't have gifts to give. 

Long service

R has retired after 42 years at the company, 42! Wow! What a lady, loved and admired by all. We had a wonderful farewell lunch on the patio at the Palazzo Hotel. A great afternoon. I normally don't stay long at these work functions but I throughly enjoyed this and left with the last group of people.

Separated at birth

I couldn't resist doing this post for a colleague of mine.

See how our greens grow

We cleared a little plot in the garden and prepared it so we could grow our own vegetables. Every morning I would stand at the edge and pray for the seeds to crack the soil, peep through and meet the sun. On the fourth day, our first breakthrough, radishes. Can not wait to add it to a salad. And so every day something new would appear. And even though we planted it and knew it would grow we are still amazed at the wonder of it all. The thunderstorms we have had recently have been unkind to some, the beetroot seemed to have drowned, but kind the others, the butternut and gem squash are flourishing. From time to time we add another seed, at the edges we have planted sunflower and borage and mielies and beans...

Saturday, 12 November 2016

And my voice be still

For thirty years I have been listening to his music, over and over again. The most beautiful words.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A hop, skip and a jump

A hop, skip and a jump from September to November, it's almost as though October never was. So here is just a short recap for October. If there are any typos in the text please forgive me. No need to highlight them and send me a message, like all good mistakes, I cannot go back and undo them.