Tuesday, 7 April 2015

gifts for Easter

You can see some of the gifts I got for Easter were just to delicious to save for a photograph ;-)

Easter egg hunt

Sunday morning dawned and the children were still chatting when they spotted the parcels in the garden. Oh my word, the excitement. A- had to collect all the parcels with the pink ribbon, N- had to collect all the parcels with the green ribbon. So much chocolate, they loved it. Who wouldn't?

The secret garden

Everyone calls it the secret garden, and we have put our left over tiles on the ground so it looks a little neater. It's a great area for a romantic dinner with candles and champagne.
Top left is our before pic.

Hand-drawn cereal bowls for Easter

A few weeks ago I got the children to draw on these cereal bowls, anything they wanted. I wrapped them up with some eggs and other goodies and so for Easter they received them back as their gift ;-)