Friday, 28 February 2014

Weekend reading

Got this great book from a friend. So looking forward to reading it this weekend.

Priority mail

Cobus sent my Christmas card Priority Mail but I only got it this week. Hmm!

Summer favourite

I love the way steam rises off the tarmac after a thunderstorm.

Pick up your things

Pick up your things off the floor if you have a puppy in the house or your expensive dance shoes will be their pre-dinner snack. learning the hard way!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

On target!

Okay, well, not quite on target. Went to the shooting range with Elton. He patiently stood by while I wasted his bullets, but I had fun. Think I'll be doing some more of it.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Gifts from the girls

The girls each gave me a drawing to take home. Lovely!
The two small scribbles on the left are on the back of the drawings. Thanks, my little angels.

Sunday lunch at home

Sunday lunch at home with my brother's family. Delicious! And they used the Calvin and Hobbes placemats I made them about 15 years ago ;-)

Birthday celebrations

Celebrating Nadine's birthday with a watermelon and chilli crush. Happy birthday, Nadine. M'wah!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Drive off

Just get in the car and drive off. You never know where the road may take you. You'll always see something pretty.


Bumbling along

Africa, Africa

Hemingway and I went hunting for sharks
just off the coast of Lorenzo Marx.
The old man drank rum from a two gallon jar 
bought from the pirates of old Zanzibar.
Africa then was a sight to behold 
with rhino and elephant in numbers untold.

Africa, Africa, birthplace of man.
Africa, Africa, birthplace of man.
The wild ones must suffer in a race for the land.

Hemingway stood back, wiped the tears from his eyes. 
He said “I won’t be here to see the fire in the skies.
Then I’ll give you the future and I’ll take the past. 
But just one more look cause it may be my last.”

Africa, Africa, birthplace of man.
Africa, Africa, birthplace of man.
The wild ones must suffer in a race for the land.

Hemingway fell deeply in love with the land 
and he read a prophecy in the lines of his hand.
Though awe-struck in wonder through the debts of his soul, 
he was aware then for whom the bell tolls.
So he took to the hills and the old nomad walks 
beneath the snow lines to where the black leopard strolls.

Africa, Africa, birthplace of man.
Africa, Africa, birthplace of man.
The wild ones must suffer in a race for the land.

Hemingway by Peter Starstedt 1986

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Running with zebra

Yes, I agree, there are no zebras in the pics but look at the markings on the wildebeest. Hmm, makes you think ;-)

At play

Eye on the prize

A gathering of the clan

Close enough to kiss

Caught in the web

On the ground

Against a blue sky

Monday, 17 February 2014

On the edge of Klipvoor Dam

Getting out of the noonday sun

Black and white

Buck in the bush

That's just how I roll

The road to Jericho

The road to Jericho leads to the Borakalalo National Park.

Brown palette

On that same walk in the veld.

Green palette

A walk in the veld.

On a clear day

On a clear day you can we how we are cluttering the environment with buildings, roads and cars.

I went to see the Wonderboom in Pretoria. What a disappointment! Firstly, the Wonderboom is no longer a wonderful thing. Once was, as you can see from the photographs on display at the entrance. Die boom wonder self wat hy nog hier doen. Argh, as if that wasn't bad enough they have built a shopping mall directly opposite. You can climb the hill or kopie if you like but you won't get in touch with nature because you can only hear the cars and the impatient hooting of Saturday morning shoppers.
Someone, somewhere must have challenged the idea of the mall opposite this heritage site, but no problem, this was overcome by naming it an urban mountain park.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Catch up lunch

Nikki and I had a great lunch. Caught up on news, happens etc ;-)
But how awesome is this salad - Chicken, feta, strawberries and candied pecan nut. It was delicious!

My lucky number is...

Monday, 10 February 2014

Mop it up with fresh rolls

Got this recipe from a friend. I did adapt it a little, sorry. But I followed the instruction to eat it with fresh Portuguese rolls. It was delicious, thanks.

PrettyUgly mugshots

I'm enjoying making all these PrettyUglys. By the end of this month they will have their own website, I'm really excited. More about that later.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


I just loved this book. She's so funny. There are so many things in it that I would like to share with you but it's best if you just read it yourself.

 “You must not look in that mirror at your doughy legs and flat feet, for today is about dreams and illusions, and unfiltered natural daylight is the enemy of dreams.” 
― Tina FeyBossypants

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Monday, 3 February 2014

A bit of blue sky

A welcome sight after so much rain. Aren't clouds magical? Look at all these different shapes and forms. Wonderful.

Hard work

We have had so much rain. the soil is so waterlogged that these ants are moving their eggs across the aloe and up into the tree.