Monday, 30 April 2012

Weave a word

Nice idea for the type on this window display.

By die dieretuin

For A's birthday we went to see the animals, and birds. She loved it. There was screaming and shouting and 'Kom kyk hier!, 'Kyk daar!'


This mosaic is made from some of the things I have collected - ivory pieces from a bracelet my mother owned, seeds from Botswana, sea glass, shells, pebbles, pottery, bark, stones, picked up all over the place (I want to say world) and broken plates all dug up on Sam's farm.

Autumn colours

A strong brew

My favourite beverage right now is 3-bag rooibos tea, with or without milk, as the mood takes me. It's delicious. Add NO sugar.
And at a restaurant I will always order the red cappuccino, lovely.


Spotted eagle owl, Animal World, Emerald Casino

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Don't go home without it

Don't leave your car in the office parking lot - D & M will dress it up and name it!

Even 15 paces makes a difference

I moved to another desk in the studio, just 15 paces from where I used to be. It feels great - the doors are open, light pours in, I hear the birds and the distant sounds of the outside world, a slight breeze tickles my back, I am happy. Thank you.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

All you can eat!

The guavas are ripening and the mousebirds are covering the tree in a feeding frenzy. As soon as the fruit drops to the ground it's on to the next. They don't need eat anything off the ground.

Luna, luna

Monday, 23 April 2012

Two days in bed with a cold and an imaginary friend

page 10: It’s strange how teachers can go off to college for all those years to learn to become teachers, but some of them never learn the easy stuff. Like making kids laugh.

page 115: Dee is in a place called I See You. I think it’s a place where they watch you carefully to make sure that you don’t die.

page 135: I was right. Mrs Patterson is neat and organized. She cannot be trusted.

page 197: This is the time when most imaginary friends stop existing. Kindergarten kills them.

page 370: But you have to be the bravest person in the world to go out every day being yourself when no one likes who you are.

page 431: The moon has risen higher in the sky since we left Mrs Patterson’s house. It hangs over the school like a giant, blind eye.

Memoirs of an imaginary friend by Matthew Green © Matthew Dicks 2012

... served with a mug of coffee

A giant cranberry cookie.

Travel bag

I made this travel bag (hand luggage) from the fabric T gave me. I hand stitched all along the black areas and used leather scraps to create the base. Can't wait to take it on a trip.

Comfort food

Lamb chops, potatoes, butternut, onions, broccoli, gravy - Sunday lunch

The wonderful rains

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A = 3

A is turning 3 next week. Cute. Made invites for her 'school' friends.

A lazy day reading

Sunday I read most of the day. This book had a good rhythm to it. Lovely.
The cover, I find, is very misleading, it not that type of book at all.

page 4: You could hear the waves lapping lazily against the shore like a snoring guard dog, but we caught only narrow glimpses of the blueness.

page 83: Is the heart always failing itself or by nature unfaithful?

page 149: Suddenly her beauty would look sorrowful: a fruit bruising in front of my eyes. The sun would roll off the horizon and leave the river mute and grey. It was difficult then to imagine the light ever returning.

page 236: She was older, tears clinging to her eyelids like diamonds.

Anatomy of a Disappearance © Hisham Matar 2011

Monday, 16 April 2012

Another postcard from Russia

Blowing bubbles

There was a competition to redesign a range of chewing gum wrappers. I didn't enter my designs because they didn't meet the brief. Ja, ja, I hear you.
So this is what I did. Brand names are omitted, so that's what the white space top left is for.

Friday, 13 April 2012