Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Read all you can

The Enchantress of Florence

page 55: O, alas, alas for his debauched children, flesh of his flesh, heir to all his failings and none of his strengths!

page 81: Was faith not faith but simple family habit? Maybe there was no true religion but only this eternal handing down.

The Enchantress of Florence © Salman Rushdie, 2008

The Restaurant of Love Regained

page 178: I wish I could recall more  about that special day. But I’m afraid that if I did, I might crumble. Things like this, the most precious things in the world, I keep them all safely locked away in my chest where nobody can even touch them. Where the sun can never fade them. Where the wind and rain can never harm them.

The Restaurant of Love Regained © Ito Ogawa, 2008

Last Man in Tower

page 5: the face of this tower, once pink, is now rainwater-stained, fungus-licked grey, although veins of primordial pink show wherever the roofing has protected the walls from the monsoon rains.

page 42: ...with drandruff sprinkled likes spots of wisdom on the shoulders of his green kurta.

page 89: ‘If I had designed the human body, I’d have done a better job, Rosie. The materials used are not the best. Corners have been cut. The structure collapses too soon.’ He laughed.

page 209: Just outside the bedroom, a bird began to trill, its notes long and sharp like a needled thread, as if it were darning some torn corner of the world.

Last Man in Tower © Aravind Adiga, 2011

Monday, 26 September 2011

Heritage day

I love the traditional clothing of all our tribes, wish I could have explored it all better.
My dad travelled through Southern Afrika in the 1950's, and he took some awesome pics. Will see if i can scan them in – so watch this space.


Book display at the ArtFair.

FNB JoburgArtFair

Art exhibition in Sandton

Until 3 October - sorry about the quality of the visuals

Villa A, art exhibition

Free water

Pretoria Zoo

Public transport, Gautrain

I haven't taken public transport since 1984, honestly! So, travelled the Gautrain. Took the bus to Midrand, train to Pretoria, train to Rosebank (had lunch there), back to Midrand. Bus back home.

Best ice-cream ever!

1 large punnet strawberries, 1 tin condensed milk, 2 tubs of cream (500 ml). Place everything in a blender and give it a good whirl. If you want to add strawberries pieces to the ice-cream then set aside a few. Pour into a shallow dish (cut up the extra strawberries, sprinkle across) and freeze.

Then 4 hours later, there you are, with your second helping, YUMMY!

Refuse the hour

Should have known better. It is Kentridge, so should have planned it better. The one ticket that was left. Would like to have seen some of the other shows – it stretched across 2 weeks.

Red Square

Postcard from Valentine! (that's her name)

What have I been telling you!

Star following moon

Okay, here's the pic of the star trailing the moon I spoke about earlier.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011