Thursday, 4 January 2018

Goodbye, auf weidersehen

I have decided not to continue with this blog, although I might start something else, somewhere else on the internet. I feel like trying something new and fresh. A new style, format, content.

I haven't been able to spend the time on the blog over the last 18 months as I would have liked to. When eventually I had time to post I rushed it and had already lost the essence and sentiment of the experience and I want to offer more than just posting of the images.

So, thank you for your time over the years, I wish you a wonderful 2018.

Christmas table 2017

We celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve. I start early in the year with my ideas for the table and start to collect and make the stuff as early as July. you may think that's crazy but that way i'm not rushing last minute and then i don't have the added expense either. This year I sewed the tablecloths and serviettes (usually I buy them ready-made), and goody bags. The fabric for the serviettes and bags I 'took' from work, they had used it for an event last year.  I only baked the biscuits 2 days before Christmas because it was too hot to be in the kitchen, but then eventually it couldn't be put out any longer. I made 8 different kinds, and even had a savoury one. They were truly delicious, even if I must say so myself. My sister-in-law's Stollen was incredible, I could have eaten the whole thing in one sitting.

Thanks to my family for coming through, for your company and the gifts. I am blessed.

O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree

I usually spend 4-5 hours decorating the tree for Christmas, but the last few years my nieces have been doing it. They make it look awesome and it takes them... wait for it, ...all of 20 minutes. I haven't bought any decoration in many year but have put together a good amount over the years.
Christmas - a special time of year with special people. Love you all.

Stroll through the garden

No lions or rhinos

We saw no lions or Rhinos at the Rhino and Lion Park. Saw all sorts of buck with their young. Saw the wild dog, although they were up on the hill chilling in the shade of a big tree, they are my favourites. I have never seen the park look so green. Africa is awesome.
We went early so there was hardly anyone there. Lovely morning out with my brother, wonderful picnic under the trees.

Unicorns are real

Just before Christmas we visited a market in Walkerville. Lovely lazy afternoon, a short walk through the forest, meeting the fairies and seeing a unicorn. Lovely venue, wonderful music, worth the visit.

These special moments

The simple things matter - a lunch under a tree on a summers day with family. Bliss.