Wednesday, 1 November 2017

More books and a meal

I went into Exclusive books for one book, a gift for someone. I bought that book and another five for myself. What an extravagance! I have a pile of about 11 unread books at home.

So, having had that splurge I decided I might as well go the whole way and stay for a meal at the EB Social Kitchen and Bar. Reading a book while I wait. A great morning.

I love the colours, and the distortions reflected in the ceiling panel.

When in Paareeee

I follow 2summers on Instagram, although she is also on Facebook and has a very successful blog. I am a big fan of Instagram. I like pictures more than words, although I am writing words here (on my blog) that I am hoping someone will read. 

Anyhow, 2summers has been to some great places and I have added a few to my to-do list. She posted an image of her visit to Patisserie de Paris in Blairgowrie and  it looked like the kind of place I would enjoy. OMW, when they say they use the best ingredients, they really do and you can taste it. It was scrummy. I had the Croque Madame, and my intention had been to buy something at their bakery to take home but honestly, I was so satisfied that I couldn’t.

Love their colour scheme.

L'Atelier 2017

Last year I didn’t go to L’Atelier because the previous year had been so disappointing. Yes, Absa, I’m sorry but it’s the truth. This year was good, but there will always be the piece where you ask WT_? Sandwiches, come on.

The artist who presented the Mono Printing workshop had a piece on exhibition and he actually remembered me. I love his piece, very good. 

The food was so excellent, the lamb dish I could have eaten all night. The dessert cart looked amazing and tempting and had to be guarded by the chefs from the kitchen to the display area. People were following it, and attacking it like hyenas on an injured impala.

The entertainment included dancers, with their bodies painted, in some cases an extension of the artwork, or a copy of the artwork. There was one wonderful moment where a guest started dancing to the music  (You can dance until the night is done and it’s time to go, or something like that) next to this ‘human statue’  hoping to get some respose from her, she never batted an eyelid.
I put the video on Instagram and this was her response: Hahaha I was hoping I could find this ... I wanted to laugh so hard #StatueGurl

It was a wonderful evening, great vibe. Thanks for sharing it with me Liam.

Oh yes, Liam got all the winners to sign our boss' book. 

Three ladies

Trish keeps making things that I admire and then they come to live at my house. Like these three ladies. The one she embroidered, probably last year (maybe earlier this year) and was inspired by Frida, or inspired by a picture of Frida. In her pottery class she has made a range of oval plates with faces. She made some really gorgeous ones, and is making many more, although she is now using a round mould.

Sunday sunrise in Fourways

Mike and I went out early on another one of our photoshoots. It’s wonderful because you’re home again by eight o’clock and still have the whole Sunday ahead of you. We didn’t go far, just wanted to capture the cranes at the Fourways development against the sunrise. It had rained the night before and the clouds were still heavy with rain in the west. Mike shoots time-lapse, daybreak to day. I am just mucking about taking some photographs of my own. The first part seems so slow, a little pink on the horizon, then the clouds painted orange and purple. When you blink again the sun has sneaked up into the sky behind the clouds and it’s time for breakfast. Mmm, good food at Carmella’s.

Georg's house

Kay and I were invited to Georg's house for lunch. I had to take pics, the colours were so lovely.

Georg, yes, not George, is transforming a house in Aberdeen (Karoo not Scotland) into a restaurant, but more about that later.

Between Kaysers Beach and Igoda river mouth

I flew to East London. The flight is a can of sardines, full to the brim. But all good because soon I am at the beach.

Missing my brother on this flight with all his apps because I don't know what mines those are, what mountains, silos.

We fly over a thousand hills and they all have ridges on the south side.

Lots of rivers winding towards the sea, and the sea rushing up to greet them.

Most gorgeous drive down from the airport to Kaysers Beach. Sun setting, fields, the cows, rivers. Delightful.

This is how I came to be in Kaysers Beach: on the Woolworths tub of butter they describe that it is made from the milk of cows in the Eastern Cape between Kaysers Beach and Igoda river mouth. I didn't know where it was so I looked it up and then went to see it for myself. I 

I went for long walks on the beach, high dunes, an icy wind whips up the sand and stings my legs. There was never another soul visible, no other footprints. The sea, the sky and I. Bliss.

By 08:00 I have completed my required daily steps. Breakfast (oats) at my little cottage, sitting on the stoep, gazing at the sea. Then out in the car to explore the area. 

I drove to Kidds Beach for another long walk and happened upon a baptism on the beach, wonderful. It was such a cold day but they seemed not to care. The pastor told me they have faith that they will not get sick. Lots of shells to pick up.

Lovely little restaurant on the corner, overlooking the sea, with a roaring fire. Lunch and coffee.

Next stop Nahoon Reef walkway in East London. And onto the beach there. Drove down into the harbour and found the fisherman's fish and chip shop on the river bank. Crowds of locals, that's how you can tell it's good food.

The next day it's much the same pattern. 
I take a book with me and spend some time at the restaurant reading. Explore the roads that take you to the river mouths, there are so many. Some are single lane paths and steep, some just end long before the river mouth.

Drive along the dirt roads on either side of the main road looking for the cows that make the milk that makes the Woolworths butter. Find a tiny little church and a house in ruins in a large open field with the sunset as backdrop.

Yes, I find plenty of cows. The farms and the fields, it all seems so romantic. I had always wanted to live on a farm, but alas...

More of the same on another day and pizza for dinner on the beach. 

Back to the airport, and back home. 

Thank you for an an unexpected adventure.